They say that you have a faery cat when you are chosen by the cat and not the other way around. This has happened to me several times and with much happiness.

I had a beautiful girl who gave me all of the love and devotion that any person could ask for. Her name was Missy and she was a Brown Ticked Tabby. I loved her totally and we were so close that we were able to communicate very well together. Missy became ill and ascended to join Spirit. I was so despondent, unhappy and miserable, I could not even stand to be around myself!

One night I had a dream that I was surrounded by these three lovely cats. When I woke the next morning, the dream stayed with me and my heart was soaring!

On a whim I looked in the local paper and found my first cat Jezebel. She was a beautiful Bombay with a lustrous black coat and huge round golden eyes. Her last person had died and she was given to a lady who did not really want her, nor did her cat! I fell in love when I saw her.

I took her to the vet for a checkup and he got very excited when he saw her. He told me that he had just the cat to be a friend to Jezzie! This cat was a gorgeous slate grey and white Norwegian with two-toned green eyes. She had been dumped at the vets when she was about 1 month old and had been there for 6 months! One look, my heart flipped and I knew that I was chosen again. I brought her home and a few days later she told me that her name was Zebrina.

Now, I knew that my dream said that I would have three cats, but as the months passed I soon forgot this. Months later, almost exactly 9 months after the death of my beloved Missy, a very small kitten crawled across my threshold and into my heart. She was a Brown Ticked Tabby who was barely 4 weeks old and almost an exact duplicate of Missy!!! Well, even if I had wanted to, I could not turn her out. She became a permanent fixture of my home and heart and has been given the name of Miranda, which means Blessed One.

Looking back, I now know that Missy brought all of us together. Thank you Missy and Thank you Spirit!!!

These beautiful souls have all now ascended to join Missy, but not without making sure that I had two beautiful boys to warm and cuddle with me. I’ll tell you about them another time.

Until then… Brightest Blessings to you!