Good morning! I’m sitting here in the cool of the early morning amazed at how quiet and peaceful it is. I love being able to hear the birds singing, creatures scrambling in the trees, and actually hear the slight rustle of the breeze in the trees. It’s lovely!

We are very close to a change of energy and I for one, am thankful that I made it through this last month in one piece. July was very hard for me. There was a lot of stress at work, with lessons to learn there and release. There was a big event that had been in the works for a year that went well, but then blew up and broke a very special relationship. There was a health scare with the big “C” word that thankfully cleared. It was just a very hard month!

Now I am ready to move forward in the new energies of creativity and claim my place. August is going to be amazing! It’s about manifesting opportunities and will be the completion of this last cycle of reviewing and letting go of that which no longer serves any purpose in our lives.

I’ve heard it said that this will be a time to create new bonds with ourselves and to understand that we can create a new picture of what we want to be. We will be expanding our light as we move forward, gathering those who walk with us in this understanding.

It’s time to make decisions about what we want, how we’re going to get there and what we’ll do once we arrive. With tomorrow’s new moon, we should reflect on our journey, take a close look at who we are now and realize that we have a blank canvas in front of us to create who we want to become.

The energy will be much lighter. I for one will be stepping into that space of positivity and I hope to see you there with me!

Brightest Blessings!!!