So tonight is many things. It’s the end of July, the end of Mercury Retrograde, it is also a new moon and then on to August, which brings with it an abundance of renewed creative energies. Tonight’s new moon is called a Black Moon because it is the second one of the month.

Because it’s a new moon, it is time to ask Spirit for help and guidance with your goals. You should take a few minutes and write a letter to Spirit. Let them know specifically what it is that you want to accomplish over the next month. Be very direct. KNOW what you want and ASK to be shown the way. Spirit will help guide you to what you need to make it happen. Once you are done, take it outside, read it out loud to Spirit and then burn it under the moon. See the words flowing up to Spirit and them accepting your request. Visualize what it is you are asking for and then move to what it looks like when you receive it. KNOW that you WILL receive it and Spirit will do the rest to make it happen.

I love working with faeries, so I will be talking with them and listening to what they have to share with me. Many times they have nudged me in the right direction and blessed me with their guidance. If you connect with Angels, ask them for help and guidance. They are waiting on the sidelines for a word from you. SO JUST ASK!

So, look deep in your heart, believe that it can happen, write it down, and offer it up to Spirit. From there…. enjoy!

Brightest Blessings!