Hello! My name is Nancy and I have been working in this field for 20+ years. Even before I became aware of my gifts, I was the one that everyone came to for guidance. It seems that my ability to remain calm helps others more that I know.

I have always been in service oriented fields. I enjoy people very much and like to do as much as I can to help them.


Over the years, I have taken Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Tarot classes. I keep my skills fresh by completing a refresher course, which enables me to take a close look at my skills, refine how I am receiving from Spirit and gain additional knowledge to draw in new guidance that I may not have seen as easily in the past. On my own, I study various tools of the arts, such as crystal balls, herbs, stones, numerology, astrology, meditations, past life regressions and the Ouija board. I am also a voracious reader. Naturally, I believe in the rede “And let it harm none”. I honestly try to live my life by this rule, as I do not want any future problems caused by what I may do now!

Orientation to the Field

I became interested in the psychic field after my divorce in 1989. I was never very comfortable in the “normal” religious fields and found no answers for myself in the organized church. I attended a local psychic fair and became enthralled with the readers. I was amazed at the accuracy and detail that these people, virtual strangers, could give you about your life! I started looking for information and classes about the Tarot. As I did this, I became aware of more and more opportunities opening up to me (that were not there just days before!). I became very excited and my thirst for knowledge and skill grew. I happened across a television show one night and was drawn immediately to the psychic who was working. I took my chances and dialed in. Now, unheard of, I got through on the first try!

When I received my reading, I was hooked! I called this psychic’s private number and set up an appointment the next day. At the appointment, I received direct and helpful information both about my past and my present situations. She then offered some classes to me, which I took and thoroughly enjoyed. We became friends and I truly believe that much of my skill and eagerness for learning the craft has come from her tutoring. I receive daily confirmations from my clients as to my accuracy. It is such a wonderful feeling when something that I have broughtout in a reading actually comes to be! My clients have given me such joy by sharing this information with me and also their delight over the fact that I have been able to help them out in such a way. I hope that this never ends!

I believe that my greatest aspiration is to be able to touch the heart of everyone that I come in contact with. I would like to be able to know that I have improved even a small part of everyone’s life that I meet. I know that this is really a very large ideal, but it I keep working at it and believing in it, hopefully someday I will come close to obtaining this desire.

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