These were the instructions printed on the back of the Ouija Board in 1902 by William Fuld.

  1. Place the board upon the knees of two persons, lady and gentleman preferred, with the small table upon the board. Place the fingers lightly but firmly, without pressure, upon the table so as to allow it to move easily and freely. In from one to five minutes the tablet will commence to move, at first slowly, then faster, and will be then able to talk or answer questions, which it will do rapidly by touching the printed words or the letters necessary to form words and sentences with the foreleg or pointer.
  2. Care should be taken that one person only should ask questions at a time, so as to avoid confusion, and the questions should be put plainly and accurately.
  3. To obtain the best results it is important that the persons present should concentrate their minds upon the matter in question and avoid other topics. Have no one at the table who will not sit seriously and respectfully. If you use it in a frivolous spirit, asking ridiculous questions, laughing over it, you naturally get undeveloped influences around you.
  4. The Ouija is a great mystery, and we do not claim to give exact directions for its management, neither do we claim that at all times and under all circumstances it will work equally well. But we do claim and guarantee that with reasonable patience and judgment it will more than satisfy your greatest expectation.
  5. In putting the table together wet the tops of the legs, and drive them firmly into the table. Care should be taken that they are firm and tight.
  6. The board should be kept smooth and free from dust and moisture, as all depends upon the ease with which the feet of the table can glide over the surface of the board. Rubbing with a dry silk handkerchief just before use is advised.


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Now, here are our tips to operate your Ouija Board properly.

Make sure that your surroundings are conducive to a good session. There should be no loud noises, distractions, or interruptions of any kind. Soft background music, such as many of the New Age artists, can be helpful in reaching Spirit. Recite poems, spirit invocations, or sing songs that are meaningful to you. Personalize your session by surrounding yourself with candles, burning incense, placing figurines or pictures on your table, etc. Do whatever gets you in the mood. No drugs, though! Wear something comfortable for the occasion. Some sessions last for hours!!! You may observe the original technique of sitting with the board balanced securely on your lap, making sure you have adequate back support so that you don’t topple over at an inopportune moment. Or, you may wish to use a table. This is how we work the board. It is much easier for those of us who are not very flexible and we are able to sit for longer sessions than if the board is on our laps.

Before starting your session, we suggest that you go into a meditation and draw down the Universal light. You should surround yourself and anyone else in attendance with the pure white glow from this light. Next push this light out from your small circle to the boundaries of the room in which you are sitting. Then see it shooting back towards the stars, like a beacon. While envisioning this light, you will need to start by cleaning your board. You do this by placing your right hand in the middle of the board. Draw the energy into your hand and start wiping the board counter-clockwise. Sometimes you can see that there is old energy lodged on your board. Simply see yourself wiping the board clean. Take this energy from your hand and give it back to Mother Earth. See her taking it from you and giving it back to the earth for cleansing. Now place your hand back in the center of the board. Envision the light flowing through your hand and into the board as you move your hand in a clockwise motion. This is energizing the board. As you do this, if you know the names of your personal guides, ask for them to come in and visit with you at this time.

Now, you need to invite your guests. Place the fingertips of your hand and the person that you are working with, lightly together over the board (very similar to the start of an arm wrestling position). We suggest that you ask for your Angels, Spirit Guides, Teachers, Higher Beings, or any other name that you are comfortable with. Always remember to ask for those highly evolved entities who will come for your greater good. State that those who come will not do harm to you or anyone else. Also, firmly state that any entity who wishes to do you harm, cause maliciousness, or tell you lies are not welcomed and are not able to cross the barrier of your light. Then simply state once more that you welcome those from Spirit who wish to help guide you on your path and ask them to please join you at this time.

Place your fingers lightly on the planchette. Empty your mind of any thoughts, then after a brief period if the planchette does not move of it’s own accord, ask: “Is anyone there?” Try to become a spectator as the planchette takes over and begins to move on its own. Remember that abbreviated words and phrases may be used. Nonsensical expressions may have meaning when you think about them later, so pay attention. Always speak to Spirit respectfully, but remember to have fun. Spirit enjoys our conversations as much as we do! Think of this as a conversation on the telephone. Always greet each entity that comes on and then bid them farewell and thank them for sharing with you. Each time that you ask a question, be sure that it is as clear and precise as possible. If you ask a vague question, you will get a vague answer! So, try to think it through before speaking.

Gaining any new skill requires practice and patience. This is as true for the board as it is for bicycling or juggling. We are amazed at the people who try to use the board for three minutes then proclaim loudly that “it doesn’t work”. Imagine if you tried to drive a car that way. If at first you don’t succeed, give it a rest, then go back and try it again. Expect it to take a little while.

Lastly, if you are told to put on those camos and take out a small town with your private cache of automatic weapons, think again! You may have somehow allowed a lesser evolved entity to come in and now they are trying to get you to do their will. DON’T WORRY! YOU WILL NOT BE POSSESSED!!! Simply ask for your main guide to come in and help you remove this person from your board. Thank your guide for helping and then clean and re-energize your board before going forward. In order to help eliminate unwanted visitors, always follow the steps above. Remember, the board is your doorway to the Spirit World. If you leave the front door of your house open, you never know who or what may walk through. This is the same thing. Always ask for help and guidance from your Angels and Guides and you will be in good hands!