I want to talk with you about tarot cards and psychics. Many people are scared of getting a reading from a psychic. They scoff, make fun of, or simply walk away. That’s ok! There are also people who seem to live by what their psychic tells them, constantly consulting and confirming every move or decision they make. That is not ok. Psychics are here to guide you. They can help bring sense to what is happening around you and even why it is happening. But, they are not here to manage your life. You do. If a psychic is demanding something of you, think carefully and don’t give up your power.
You are always in control. If it doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t.

One tool that they often use are tarot cards. The cards are simply a tool to allow the psychic or reader to connect with Spirit and receive information for you. If they have a clear connection, the reading will flow as easily as talking to an old friend. However, if the topic is difficult or information is hazy, then it may take a bit of time for it to all come out. Be patient with your reader. They are only human after all. Yes, they do have a connection with Spirit and are happy to share that information with you, but sometimes, they are simply there to give you a chance to explore your own thoughts…and make your own decisions.

If you feel you need a reading and guidance, you will be lead to the right person. If you are looking for something and have been drawn to this page, you may feel a connection already – with my site, with my words, or when you read about me, you may have felt a strong pull to reach out to me and connect. If you don’t, then I may not be the right person to guide you as you walk your path.

Now, let’s get down to the tarot cards themselves. There are as many different types of cards as there are readers. It really doesn’t matter which deck is used to do a reading. What matters is that the psychic connects to Spirit through their cards and understands the messages that are being relayed to them. The cards themselves are simply a tool. There is nothing sinister about them and they can cause no harm, regardless of what happens on TV or the movies!

I use the Hanson Roberts deck and have done so for many, many years. They remind me of old movie posters and Spirit enjoys our conversations through these cards. I use these cards for most of my readings. They can give me a wealth of insight and help to pass on to you.

I also use a deck called The Psycards. They are very different, fewer cards, and have direct response cards included in them. I use these cards when I need answers quickly.

Just remember…regardless of the tool used, never ask a question if you aren’t ready to hear the answer. Spirit only has your best interest in mind, but if you ask, they are going to respond.

Are you still with me? Do you think you’d like a reading with me? Contact me at IlluminatedSoul369@gmail.com.